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If you ever have trouble with spelling or reading a big number in english, you can ask the big G to help you out. Go to this page and enjoy your space voyage. If you are in need of finding a really nice font for something you can go to Google. What is the cool thing is that you can compare fonts based on the exact phrase that interest you.

This Easter Egg does a flip and turns the results upside-down before it brings them again. If you want to see this cool trick check this link. You can test it yourself. Text Adventure is a tricky one. It is a bit complicated to find this one.

history of the entire world, i guess

On the sidebar will appear the script for the page. Type yes and start playing. Check it yourself by clicking here.

Chicken or Egg: Which Came First? | Time

A really cool trick, you can see what it does by clicking here. It basically shows you how to search for something on the web and it can be really useful for those friends of ours who ask a lot of questions. But what we really found interesting and fun is that Google also had some fun regarding the subject. For those who love Chuck Norris jokes, you can click here. This website shows you how Google would look like if it were in the zero gravity mode. You can check it out yourself. Another Mr. Doob experiment, this shows you Google in the form of a sphere.

Click on the red sparkly shoes and join the fun. The Google Easter egg was created to commemorate the 80th anniversary of its release. Rachel Green : Has an icon of her hairstyle. Phoebe Buffay : Has a guitar icon.

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Monica Geller : Has a bucket of cleaning solution. Tap on it to see a sponge that cleans the screen. Chandler Bing : Has an icon of a reclining chair. Tap on it to trigger his pet duck and baby chick. Joey Tribbiani : Has a pizza slice icon. Ross Geller : Has a couch icon. If you click on it will pivot the screen. Have you found any other Google Easter egg?

here Let us know! Basically, you type it into Google and it does a barrel rool. But anyways, this is really cool. And if using Google Graphs to make an egg counts as an Easter Egg, so does this, right? One of my fave youtubers, Game Theory aka MatPat , posted a video about Marioplex, a number bigger than the amount of particles in the universe. They acknowledged Marioplex because, technically, if the universe goes on for infinity, then something bigger than the universe would also be infinity since nothing is bigger than infinity. Did you find the secrets inside the secret game?

Clicking it and searching it did nothing… did that happen to anyone else? Sorry for me entering so many attempts at easter eggs or so little, depending if you only count good ones. This might not be an easter egg, but see this emoji? It is an emoji of bamboo with two slips of paper, which are wishes. Looks like Google put their wish on there as well…. Also, did you see the Carmen Sandiego event on Google Earth?

When I do the Atari breakout thing, it just starts searching random things. Anyone else experincing this, or is it just me? Exactly the half of the results there were and after the finger snapping appear just This might disappear after today so try to get a photo! Clicking it creates confetti and gives a message. Click here to cancel reply. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Try the tool that will boost your traffic. By Cornelia Cozmiuc. Follow cognitiveSEO. Source: www. Written by Cornelia Cozmiuc. When she is not documenting for the next amazing case study, she is probably somewhere trying out a new extreme sport such as Hang Gliding.

Also, she's an avid traveler, extreme sports enthusiast, and aspiring drum singer.

Kaelob Schroeder November 7th. Cornelia Cozmiuc November 7th. There might be, Kaelob! Aje April 29th. Thank you for this Reply. Benjamin ZayasSchulz May 11th. Laura May 17th.

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Cornelia Cozmiuc May 18th. Sacul November 5th. Sacul November 13th. That is amazing! Sacul March 26th. Kathy January 7th. Sacul January 23rd. Sacul February 5th. Sacul February 7th. Looks like Google put their wish on there as well… Reply. Sacul February 19th.

Sacul March 22nd. Sacul April 1st.

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Cornelia Cozmiuc April 25th. Selena May 21st. One egg a day and I maintain my weight, two a day and I gain. As an active lad in Nav, a six or twelve egg omelet was just fine. Being now 65, a three-egg breakfast is a real treat once a month.

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Fresh eggs from just up the road is a mighty fine thing to have! I agree with the person who said funding is part of the problem. I remember when scientists said sugary cereals were actually good for you, and then it turned out General Mills had funded the study. Likewise, the person who mentioned that eggs contain lecithin which helps to process cholesterol.