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My List Share Tweet. When: Fri 16 Nov , pm—pm. Restrictions: R Website: Quiet Please. Listed by: EndeavourLive. Position id: 9 Zone id: Some of my favorite things like baseball, reading, writing, and birding depend heavily on quiet, patience, and remaining still. Slowing down.

Are they my favorite things because they are quiet or because I am? I will be writing about these practices of attentiveness in my installments of The By and By. I will be writing about seeking and finding calm and the quiet music I listen to along the way.

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Not pure silence, not total darkness, but some diminishment, still sweetly perceptible. A hush, glimmering. I think often of escaping from noise. Wherever I am, I like to sit by windows, doors.

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I like knowing how to get away when I need to get away. North Carolina? South Carolina? Lawnmowers, garbage trucks, leaf blowers, constant talking, too-loud commercials, motorcycles, those cars young men seem to love and make loud er on purpose, etc. My husband uses a push mower when he cuts our grass; it makes a gentle tick-clicking sound as it passes over our yard. My phone makes zero noises.

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I only get push notifications from my baseball app. I look at it when I want to look at it and until then, it is invisible. Once I asked our children a question I found on a parenting quiz that read what is one thing Mommy says most often? It, meaning almost everything. We live in a loud world and noise is unavoidable.

But when I fear the world is going to be too loud for me, I choose to stay home. But to me? Most things are too loud.


So I think often of escaping, not to a place necessarily but to a state of mind. I listen to quiet music, I watch quiet movies, I read quiet books. That may sound strange, but when I say quiet book I mean a book that allows me to breathe—the book opposite of an action movie. I rarely go to the movie theater because most movies are about overstimulation. Add that to the dark in an enclosed space? A nightmare. I live in a quiet house with no ticking clocks, no ringing phones. When my parents gifted our children a noisy toy—a monster truck that honked and grumbly idled—we taped up the speaker, to gentle it.

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My body stays on high alert. I can be quiet for long stretches of time. I like being able to hear the birds, my wind chimes, nature-noises.