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His great wang lay across his thigh like a salami. It slumbered now.

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He was unaware of her fondling his flaccid whanger. I got a limber whang. I don t get straight I might as well become a priest! You got balls like an elephant and a whang like an ox! Joseph Wambaugh willy UK Some drunkard was caterwauling in the street. Will you still love me when I m old and grey and the tip of my willy turns blue? It moved way up there, I looked round and there was a German Shepherd, fullgrownt,withhisnosehalf-way up my ass.

With one snap of hisjaws he could rip off myballs. Charles Bukowski. For an ugly old son of a bitch, you ve got a lot of balls, Shesaid.

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Tammiehad her head in Bobby s lap and she had her hand on his balls and then she moved it up and grabbed his cock and held his cock, and alt the time her eyes looked directly at me. Charles Bokowski.

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Entonces senti algo que me hurgaba en la entrepierna, iba subiendohaciaarriba. Me volvi y vi un pastor aleman, Wen crecido, con su hocico debajo de mi culo.

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Con un movimiento de mandibulas me podia arrancar las pelotas. Seems to spend a lot of time publicly scratching his ballocks.

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Ballocks , for instance, was, from the llth century, simply the usual term for testicles the reassuringly Latinate term that is nowacceptable , but somehow, by , became improper. Guardian cobblers UK Rhyming slang of cobbler s awls and balls. Alan Beretta goolies Apparently derived from Hindustani gol, a ball. We have them by the gooliesand they know it.

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His knackers were superb. His philosophy was: Grab them by the nuts, their heartsand minds will follow. Joseph Wambaugh stones Originally in standarduse, but now slang. She was in and out of her chalet every half hoar with a different bloke. She must have a cunt like Heathrow Airport. There is a bone in my prick six inches long, I will ream out every wrinkle in your cunt, Tania, big with seed.

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Entraba y salia de su chalet cada media hora con un tipo diferente, Debia de tener un cono como el aeropuerto de Heathrow. Donde estara ahora aquel calido cono tuyo, aquellas gruesas y pesadas ligas, aquellos muslos suaves y turgentes? Tengo un hueso en la picha de quince centimetros, Voy a alisarte todas las arrugas del cono. Tania inundandote de esperma. Still can t get over the fantastic idea that when you are looking at a girl, you are looking at somebody who is guaranteed to have on her — a cunt!

They all have cunts! Right under their dresses! Cunts — for fucking! I began to play with her cunt.

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The clit came out and I touched it gently again and again. Finally, I mounted. My cock entered halfway. It was very tight.

Todavia no puedes admitir la fantastica idea de que, cuandd estas mirando a una chica, estas mirando a alguien que, sin la menor duda, posee. Empece ajugar con su cono. Se erigid el clitoris y lo acaricie con ternura, una y otra vez. Finalmente, la monte. Mi verga entr6 hasta la mitad. Su cono era muy estrecho. They needed a code word to yell to other newsmen and friendly policemen and firemen and so on, to let them know what could be seen, in case they wanted to see it.

The word was this: Beaver! Damn, she s got a hairy box! Chief Lynch whistled. I could see her fanny as clear as daylight. Old Sylvia now? She s a good sort. Clever too. They reckon she can smoke a cheroot in her minge. Peter Nichols pootie Corruption of pussy. Young supple breasts, a tight firm ass, and an uncharted pootie. You walk out with those fuckin creeps and low-lifes and degenerates out on the streets and you sell your little pussy for nothing.

For some low-life pimp who stands in the hall? And I m square? You re the one that s square. Martin heard the boys voices saying, Look! He s got that big thing and he s trying to stick that big thing into her slit! Pussy was on the tip of my tongue. But perhaps he found that offensive.

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No, that was worse. No, no, and no. Plain old vagina? No, he wasn t my gynecologist. I sighed. Men are more sentimental than women. That was what she craved. A man with something between his legs that could tickle her, that could make her writhe in ecstasy, make her grab that bushy twat of hers with both hands and rub it joyfully, boastfully, proudly, with a sense of connection, a sense of life.

It s where the feeling is. The clit hides, you see, it comes out when it s excited enough. It s pink and very sensitive. Youonly have to touch it with the tip of your tongue. Soon it got wet and began to open. I put my finger inside. Then I pulled it out and rubbed the clit. Less and less was his tongue felt on my clit or his cock on my buttocks.

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Es el punto sensible. El clitoris se esconde, ves? Es rosado y muy sensible. Solo has de rozarlo con la punta de la lengua. Meti el dedo dentro, luego lo saque y frote el clitoris. Cada vez con menor frecuencia era sentia su lengua en mi clitoris o su polla sobre mis nalgas. Reservoir Dogs 1. Her pubes were long and twisted and tangled. Her pubes began to irritate my cock.

I pulled away. Los pelos de su cono eran largos, rizados y enredados. Su vello empez6 a irritarme la polla. You could see the pubic hair but not the sex parts. Beautiful Girls muff From the alleged resemblance between the pubic hair and a fur muff. Sent a lock of my snatch-hair off in an envelope to Marlon Brando.