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A new, superior human species will be developed outside the female body. People will be able to transform thoughts into images on a televisionlike screen. The telephone will be used for thought transmission. By , according to his prediction, comversion" would pletely. He predicted that new islands would rise in. He also predicted that by a male birthcontrol pill.

Using the machine, scientists will be able to tune into past, present, or future events based on a computer analysis of the pattern of history. In , TADs will be released for mass production. Before that, they will not be used by the public. For Privacy of thought will no.

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In the spring of , Criswell foresaw, Mao Tse-tung would die, and a Chinese Civil War would follow, after which China would be broken up into a group of small nations ruled by the military. He foresaw a new head man for Russia by ; this leader would bring great changes, eventually leading Russia into the free enterprise system.

In the winter of , Criswell said, 5, people in New Hampshire would die as the result of ice storms. By , most have been proved the American and Russian Bible will aerosol can. Kennedy was shot and killed in November, Criswell was right. Criswell was 31, television,. In the same column, he predicted the death of a blond sex symbol.

【CGUBA411】 Poor Richard's Almanac 1970

Jayne Mansfield died that year. On January 1, , Criswell said that a black civil rights leader would be assassinated before October of that year. Martin Luther King, Jr. For By , birth-control substances will be in the water system, put there by the Federal Government. In order to conceive, people will have to get a pill from the Government.

From , the , Canada, Mexico, and U. Common Market. Also waves and earthquakes Hawaii. March , Government to devil will rule the. February 11, , a foreign power will attempt to bomb the U. The attempt will fail, but 50 people in Vermont will be killed. By , the practice of medicine will operate through automation to such a degree that an individual will be able to go through medical school in 6 months. All drug research will be under Federal control. Preventive medicine will dominate. In , a dying planet named Bullanon will.

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In , the dairy industry in Wisconsin will as a. No rain will fall for 10 months. Tides will end. Ships will run aground. A "black death" will. The availability of water from snow and ice will cause migrations of desperate people to the North and South Poles. After this drought, torrential rain will come, followed by floods. A woman in Pratt, Kans. The next 3 years will be peaceful as nations apply their. It will also cause a day snowstorm with ice, resulting in a "white death. Louis will lose their hair.

It will grow back only after a period of panic which will produce divorces, murder, lawsuits, suicides, and massacres, mainly of hairdressers. By , all divorces will come under Federal law and be handled in Reno, Nev. In , a Caucasian woman, called the. By , mind applied , Lake Michigan land By , the market.

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By the year , New under From November 28 to criminals. Clouds of aphrofragrance will float over the U. An aphrodisiac will also. Sexual craziness will overcome the populace.

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Sex will be performed in the streets of Hollywood, and Florida will become a huge nudist camp. The Secretary of State will be caught in acts of perversion. The invention of an antidote will end the era. The year will see records of visits to earth by beings from other planets. June 9, Denver will be wiped out "pressure" from outer space, which will turn solids to a jellylike mass. In the s,.

Chi Minh would soon die. Ho Chi Minh died in DeLouise was right. In , he predicted that the U. On June 30, , 3 Russian cosmonauts. December 14, , he predicted a wreck involving 2 trains on the Illinois Central tracks in the Midwest. A little over a month 2 trains crashed near Manteno, 45 mi. The participants will come from Mars, Venus, Neptune, and the moon, as well as the U. For In the s, man's thoughts and morals will be controlled from without.

Space flight to Venus, Mars, and Neptune a reality. Later he "saw" a woman drowning. On July ,.

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Also by , most people will take food in concentrated form and be known as "Pill Takers. The world will come to an end on August 18, A black rainbow a magnetic disturbance in the atmosphere caused by gravitawill. The passengers were killed. DeLouise was right about everything but the number of deaths. In mid-August, , he predicted that the police would make great strides in solving the Sharon Tate murders on September Future Predictions: For By , an economic panic will take place in which thousands of people will lose businesses and homes.

No Dates Given The Caribbean will be a hotbed of revolution. During the unrest, pi-.

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He uses a crystal ball to focus his energy. Past Predictions: Wrong No record. Forty-six people were killed. That country will no longer be able to support a government figure with no real function. On April 7, , Governor Samuel H. Shapiro of Illinois called a civil disturbance in Chicago an "insur-. Jeane Dixon businesswoman and author, based in Washington, D. The Other Side: Predictions modern psychics. She employs a crystal ball, but depends mainly on visions sent her by the Lord.

Also, she receives premonitions in dreams. She claims the future has been shown to her until the year He lasted 14 years, until his death in She was wrong. Right She personally told President Franklin D.

Roosevelt that he had only a few months to Dixon was live. He died shortly thereafter.

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In at the war, "the Russians and their satellite armies will move into the area and occupy the lands of all the participants. The U. For In , the U. A great allied leader will emerge in Rome. Lombard took the flight and died when the plane crashed. Dixon was right. She predicted that President Harry Truman, an underdog, would be reelected over Thomas Dewey in Truman won an upset victory at the polls.

Before the Kentucky Derby, she predicted that the unbeaten Native Dancer would be beaten but finish 2nd. Native Dancer was beaten by Dark Star and did finish 2nd. Then, there will occur "a phenomenon" similar to "the history.