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SilkWings are unique in that they consume no animals. Dragons are heterotrophs, meaning they eat other life forms.

However, RainWings may be autotrophs to some extent. The entire tribe lies down on platforms and hammocks in the middle of the day for a nap in the sunlight, and Glory states in The Hidden Kingdom that the sunlight fills her up.

Fruit and various rainforest plants are the main part of their diets. Sloths are common in the area, though they are almost never consumed, as they are thought of as pets by the whole tribe, and are too hairy to eat anyway, according to Liana.

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Sunlight may act as a food source for RainWings. The presentation of this fish varies from social class to social class, with aristocrats eating it deboned and artistically arranged, and the lowborn eating it whole. They also eat other underwater animals, such as whales, octopi, turtles, and sea snails.

In The Missing Princess a scroll written by Queen Coral it was mentioned that they ate a whale during a feast. It is hinted that classes are divided by their diet as lower-class SeaWings are mentioned to eat eels, but this may just be an insult of sorts.

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They have also been shown to eat soup, as when Blister arrived in The Lost Heir , she was offered some. SeaWings also appear to have some culinary talent similar to humans. During a feast celebrating the diplomatic visit of two SkyWings, coconut rice, tuna rolls, and macadamia treats are served, as well as a sort of mango-lime drink. A Seawing was also seen chopping coconuts. Additionally, Turtle and his brothers were often served fish stew. How they eat this underwater is unknown, although it may only be consumed in the Summer Palace or similar areas.

They first find an animal, bite it, and leave.

Bacteria in their saliva quickly poisons it, and they come back to find and eat it later. They usually eat decayed food, hence their bad breath and the bacteria present in their mouths. Eating decayed food hints they are possibly scavengers in the animal kingdom, not the dragon term for humans. Morrowseer was shown to eat a giant albatross, and Vengeance ate a sloth, both of which were killed in similar manners.


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However, since their tribe moved to the Rainforest Kingdom, they have begun to hunt like other tribes again, and eat some of the native fruits. The tribe still consumes meat, however. In Winter Turning , some NightWings are shown roasting a pig. Before the NightWings moved to the volcano, they hunted like the other tribes. In Darkstalker: Legends , the NightWings have been shown to eat hawks, fish, and wolves.

On Clearsight 's hatching day, Clearsight, Darkstalker , and Prince Fathom have their own private feast, consisting of foods like giant tomatoes, roasted nuts, cheese, bear paws, camel jerky, kiwi, and several other different kinds of fruit that were purchased from a RainWing peddler at the marketplace. On one occasion, Queen Vigilance swallows a bird whole, feathers and all however, it was a very small sparrow. MudWings seem to have an agricultural society, preferring to raise livestock rather than hunting. Veggie Mix- Dandelion greens: a source of calcium.

Calendula flower petals: to help assist digestion.

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Additional Information Weight 2. Dandelion greens: a source of calcium. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Your email address will not be published. Ingredients Analysis Reviews Adult Dragon Food: Dry dandelion greens, dry red clover tops, freeze dried corn, freeze dried carrots, freeze dried leeks, freeze dried zucchini, freeze dried grasshoppers, freeze dried green beans, freeze dried banana, dry calendula flower petals, calcium carbonate. View larger image. Feeding Instructions Remove lid, then fill halfway with warm water, wait minutes.

Contains Adult Dragon Food- Grasshoppers: eliminating the need for live food.