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It was transported back in time to through a black hole after the destruction of Romulus, where it created the alternate reality by They include an musket, a department-issued purse female officers in the s had to carry with them to hold their police gear no duty belts for them while they wore skirts and high heels on the job, and the desk of former FBI Director J.

Edgar Hoover. The museum, the only one in the country that examines all aspects of American law enforcement, was built without taxpayer or government funds. Admission fees and donations will go toward exhibits and programming. When it comes to serving the public and engendering goodwill, two FOP lodges have gone above and beyond. Indianapolis Lodge 86 and Kansas City Lodge 99 , recognizing that one-on-one interactions build familiarity and trust, are reaching out with resources and individual connections — all to foster dialogue, educate and bridge divisions between police and the community.

I n Indianapolis, the push is to ThinkBigger, an initiative that focuses on education, prevention and community collaboration. ThinkBigger came out of a high-profile, highly controversial incident in Indiana, says Rick Snyder, president of Indiana Lodge 86 in Indianapolis. Two officers — one white and the other biracial — were reinstated after the fatal shooting of Aaron Bailey, a black motorist who fled after being pulled over for a traffic stop.

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A life was lost, regardless of who was right or wrong, Snyder notes. Typically, after a decision by a review panel or, in this case, a Police Merit Board, everyone goes their separate ways, he says. Rather than keep rotating around the same tired discussion, we wanted something positive to come out of it. We have to think bigger. Instead of blaming each other, what are some of the root causes that led to the tragedy? Connecting Kansas City provided free meals twice a month at Wendell Phillips Elementary School during the school year. Bailey fled after being pulled over for a traffic stop.

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Then he crashed the car. A second component of ThinkBigger is leveraging the power of the pulpit to help educate the public to prevent unnecessary tragedies, Snyder says. ThinkBigger also calls upon teachers, schools and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to help educate drivers about safe practices during police encounters. And I want you to hear mine. The program invited Wendell Phillips students and their families to a free, catered meal on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month during the school year.

After dinner, officers from the Police Athletic League took the children to the gym to play games. This helped familiarize children with the PAL program and law enforcement, while giving parents an opportunity to speak freely about their police or safety concerns.

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These numbers are particularly remarkable because transportation is a challenge for many families and parents work long and odd hours. Students in all grades and their family members attended.

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  • Community interest also is strong. With the help of more than a dozen community organizations, nonprofits and a local community college, the program was able to provide numerous resources and tools to families.